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Our Programs
Since 2021, over 300 youths around the world have engaged in the programs of Wellness of Tomorrow, promoting the wellbeing of themselves and various communities. 

International Students & Sense of Belonging

Sense of belonging is essential to mental health. For many international students who studies in country far away from their homes, this is something hard to obtain. Many students are not well included in their community, in which they experience marginalization and underrepresentation. We led the establishment of students organizations in multiple high schools in Waterloo, Canada where cross-cultural youth leaders actively engage in the advocacy of the inclusion of international students from all over the world. 


Positive Psychological Interventions For Left-Behind Children in China 

There are currently over 70 million children left behind in the rural regions of China as their parents migrate to urban areas to work. The early and prolonged parental-separation caused these children to suffer from diminished mental health and wellbeing. They are signifiantly more likely to be depressed, have suicidal ideation, feel lonely, have poor social relationships, and engage in deviant activities etc. 


Mental Health Project DIY

Want to advance the mental health of your community through applying your personal strengths & interests? Take an initiative as a young leader by DIYing your very own mental health project with WOT! 

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